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Foot Detox In Elko New Market

How a Foot Detox Boosts Your Overall Wellness

July 1, 2024

Close-up of a patient receiving a foot detox in Elko New Market

90% of the world’s population breathes in polluted air, so it’s no wonder chronic illnesses are on the rise. We recognize that avoiding toxins altogether isn’t possible, so we’re here to offer a science-backed solution—a foot detox

So, how exactly does a detoxifying foot bath work? Our providers are breaking down everything you need to know about our revolutionary foot detox in Elko New Market. 

How a Foot Detox Works

Powered by the latest technology on the market, our foot detox uses an ion charge to create a vacuum—physically pulling out toxins through your pores. There are thousands of pores on your feet, and these pores are bigger than those on the rest of your body, making removal more effective. 

You’ll simply sit back and relax with your feet in a detox pool for about 30 minutes as the water’s ionization draws out negative ions—attached to harmful substances like pollutants and toxic metals—by separating into H+ and OH- ions with opposite charges. 

The Benefits of a Foot Detox

In Elko New Market, our patients notice a range of wellness benefits beyond relaxation from our next-level foot detox. 

Improved Organ Function

Eliminating toxins that are contaminating your internal systems naturally enhances their function. Improving your blood lipids improves arteriosclerosis, as your kidneys and liver repair themselves. 

Illness Relief

In just 30 minutes, our foot bath enhances your blood’s viscosity, or how thick and sticky your blood is. This releases any built-up free radicals responsible for illness and inflammation. 

Energy Boost

Improving organ function naturally improves your sleeping habits, allowing you to feel more energized throughout the day without relying on caffeine or other stimulants. 

Ready to Start Feeling Your Best?

At Triage Wellness Institute, we’re rewriting patients’ stories. Whether you’re interested in a foot detox in Elko New Market or want to explore our other innovative solutions, like red light therapy near Lakeville, MN, we’re here to help!

Discover Red Light Therapy Benefits in Elko New Market

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment to begin your journey. 

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