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You are amazing inside and out. But when pain, health issues, or a lack of options keep you from looking and feeling your best, Triage Wellness Institute has the answer you need.

We offer natural, state-of-the-art alternatives to maintain your health and physical appearance. These non-invasive techniques achieve pain reduction, improved function, and enhanced aesthetics. We’ll help you reach your best physical potential through science-backed fully vetted treatments.

From children to senior citizens, we all deserve to feel our best, look our best, and live our best life.

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Our virtual consultation tool lets you look at where you want to improve and how you can achieve these goals—all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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Triage Wellness Institute goes above and beyond for chiropractic care, helping you uncover new levels of living even as you recover from an injury and other debilitative issues. Your goals are our goals, and we will empower you to be the best you that you can be.



Award-winning doctor and published author, Dr. Buesgens, OTR, DC, leads Triage Wellness. His more than 30 years of experience include a BS from Creighton University in Occupational Therapy and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University.


Your health and wellness are our top priorities at Triage Wellness Institute. As an outpatient rehabilitation and wellness center, we offer a variety of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments and services to repair, rebuild, and refocus your body’s natural healing properties. We help patients reach their goals every day.


With our treatments and therapies, you’ll be able to stop living life on the sidelines and get back into the game! Whether you’re enjoying your personal time, returning to an athletic lifestyle, or getting back to work, we’ll help you accomplish the physical activities and movements you need to live your life.

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We believe that the best health can be accomplished through the expertise of like-minded health professionals. If you want to work where each person creates positive change, check out the careers at Triage Wellness Institute.


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Triage Wellness Institute offers a group of health professionals and service providers dedicated to helping you live a pain-free, empowered life. Meet the team that works with patients to reduce and eliminate pain, improve internal function, and help you achieve your goals, one smile at a time.

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About Triage Wellness Institute

We believe every person was made perfect in their own way. That’s why we help people live their best lives and achieve their highest levels of function and personal confidence. In the end, we all deserve to enjoy each day doing what we love.

Triage Wellness Institute offers non-invasive, revolutionary alternatives to help your body heal and perform at peak levels. Whether you seek pain relief from musculoskeletal issues, need help achieving optimal body contours and appearance for improved self-confidence, or are looking for holistic wellness treatments to continue living a healthy, functional life, our team is here with the expertise, advice, and compassion you need.

Every day we find satisfaction in the joy that we bring each patient, whether it be pain relief or looking amazing for their 50th high school reunion! Experience your best health, starting at Triage Wellness Institute.


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