Spinal Decompression in Minneapolis

A Non-Invasive Treatment for Nerve Pain

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Relieve the Pressure on Your Spine

Our non-surgical, non-invasive spinal decompression in Minneapolis involves a motorized traction system that gently decompresses the spine. This therapeutic manipulation takes pressure off of nerves and other spinal structures, creating a vacuum phenomenon to bring the disc back into the joint.

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How It Works

Step 1

Every Triage Wellness Institute treatment starts with a personal consultation. We’ll discuss all of your concerns, your goals for treatment, and your medical history. Your provider will also examine your spine and determine if spinal decompression will deliver pain relief and improved physical function. Then we’ll schedule your treatment session.

Our Approach

Step 2

Before your spinal decompression appointment, we’ll make sure any questions you may have are answered and that you feel comfortable and confident in your treatment plan. Your specialist will then have you lay down on the motorized traction system, which will gently apply pressure to decompress your spine by bringing your discs back into their proper joints.

Step 3

Depending on your needs, your appointment could take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Once your decompression session is over, we will schedule any additional appointments as needed.

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Our spinal decompression in Minneapolis does not require any injections or surgery, so you can return to your daily activities as normal.

Long-Term Relief

Many patients can experience up to a year of pain relief following their last treatment session.


Clinical studies show that spinal decompression has proven to be effective in over 75% of patients who received treatment.

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Whether it’s our spinal decompression in Minneapolis or any of our other chiropractic services, you can expect nerve and muscle pain relief with gentle, precise treatment sessions.

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