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Sigma Adjustments in Minneapolis Can Painlessly Reset the Spine

You’ve probably heard of the chiropractic “crack.” For many patients this is the sound of anticipated relief, but this process may seem scary for others.

Our advanced Sigma Adjuster resets joints/nerves with absolute precision—and no “crack.” The treatment is painless, and the relief is often immediate.

Sigma Features

How It Works

Step 1

Every Triage Wellness Institute treatment starts with a personal consultation. We’ll discuss all of your concerns, your goals for treatment, and your medical history. Your provider will also examine the treatment area(s). If together we determine that Sigma treatment will deliver pain relief and improved physical function we’ll create a treatment plan and schedule your sessions.

Our Approach

Step 2

As you relax your Triage Wellness Institute provider will place the Sigma hand-held device against each of your vertebrae. Sigma sends mechanical vibrations through the skin which echo off the bone. Data is recorded by the Sigma Instrument and the practitioner will analyze the data to target bones that have become fixated and or misaligned.

Step 3

Your provider will use the Sigma device to deliver a stronger vibrating pulse to release and realign the target vertebrae. There’s no body manipulation or “cracking” necessary. After the adjustment your body may try to return to the previous state. Due to improper muscle memory, most patients need a series of adjustments combined with home exercise/stretching to achieve long-term results.

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Award-winning doctor and published author, Dr. Buesgens, OTR, DC, leads Triage Wellness. His more than 30 years of experience include a BS from Creighton University in Occupational Therapy and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University.


Your health and wellness are our top priorities at Triage Wellness Institute. As an outpatient rehabilitation and wellness center we offer a variety of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments and services to repair, rebuild, and refocus your body’s natural healing properties.


With our treatments and therapies you’ll be able to stop living life on the sidelines and get back into the game! Whether you’re enjoying your personal time, returning to an athletic lifestyle, or getting back to work, we’ll help you accomplish the physical activities and movements you need to live your life.

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What We Do

The chiropractic care at Triage Wellness Institute is all about “no pain is all gain.” Our practitioners help people achieve optimal health and wellbeing by resetting the spine and nerves of the body using the Sigma Adjuster. It’s a computerized medical device that eliminates the guesswork of traditional chiropractic care. Don’t want to use the medical device for adjustments? That’s not an issue—we are happy to provide manual adjustments so you achieve optimal comfort during and after treatment.

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