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Emsculpt NEO for Body Contouring in Elko New Market

You’ve worked hard to get your body into the shape you want. However, stubborn fat deposits may be standing in the way of your goals. Or maybe, no matter the effort, some muscles just won’t respond how you need, and or traditional Physical Therapy and Personal training isn’t giving you results.

Emsculpt NEO might be the answer! This state-of-the-art body contouring system uses RF (radiofrequency) technology to permanently destroy fat cells, and HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy to cause micro-contractions within your muscles to both strengthen and build muscle mass. Clinical trials have shown an average of a 30% fat reduction as well as a 25% increase in muscle mass.

Treatment Details

Emsculpt NEO is an excellent choice for body contouring in Elko New Market. It’s like having your own personal trainer who motivates you to do up to 20,000 crunches in only 30 minutes! Use Emsculpt NEO at Triage Wellness Institute to workout smarter, not harder.

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed:

4 to 6

Results Duration:

Permanent with lifestyle support

What It Treats
  • Abs
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calves
  • Fat deposits

Benefits of Body Contouring in Elko New Market

Strength Training

The intense exercise that you receive with Emsculpt NEO quickly increases the strength and mass of the muscles in your treatment area(s) through a workout you couldn’t achieve in a regular gym setting.

Fat Reduction

Excessive fat means you can’t be as athletic and flexible as you would like to be. As Emsculpt NEO builds muscle, it also permanently reduces fat cells for a leaner appearance and better muscle definition.

Excellent Results

A superior six-pack? Rounder, firmer glutes? Bigger biceps and triceps? You can sculpt the details for a truly personalized look that makes you feel great about how you look, and look great while you feel stronger.

Before & After


What To Expect

The Emsculpt NEO Process

Step 1

Every Triage Wellness Institute treatment starts with a personal consultation. We’ll discuss all of your concerns, your goals for treatment, and your medical history. Your provider will also examine the treatment area(s) and take your measurements using our Styku body scanner. If together we determine that Emsculpt NEO will deliver the best results for your body sculpting/body contouring goals, we’ll create a treatment plan and schedule your sessions.

Our Approach

Step 2

During your Emsculpt NEO session, you’ll start by lying back and relaxing. Your Triage Wellness Institute provider will place the Emsculpt NEO applicators onto your treatment area(s) and secure them with comfortable padded straps. You’ll feel a slight warming (RF energy) in the treatment area, and you’ll experience a series of muscle contractions as your treatment progresses. Your provider will help you determine the workout intensity, depending on your comfort level and treatment goals.

Step 3

Once you’re done with your Emsculpt NEO session, you won’t need any downtime, and you can get back to your regular daily routine. You may want to refrain from working out more after your treatment as your target muscles have just had an amazing workout. You may also experience some temporary muscle soreness and slight weakness. You will need to drink plenty of water afterwards and make sure that you follow a dietary regimen that supports your workout and your future positive results.

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Learn more about our Emsculpt NEO and Emface treatments at Triage Wellness Institute.

Pre & Post-Care Instructions

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