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Sigma Technology Spinal Assessment and “Crack Free” Adjustments

At Triage Wellness Institute, in Elko New Market, Minnesota, we help people feel better by resetting the spine and nerves of the body using a computerized medical device that eliminates the guesswork of traditional chiropractic care. This device is called the Sigma Adjuster.

Our expert staff at Triage Wellness Institute knows that many people suffer from pain and have negative health due to neuroskeletal problems. We understand that some patients won’t seek help because they fear old, traditional chiropractic care methods such as “rack and crack” and so we offer this quick and easy treatment as an alternative.


The Sigma Adjuster resets skeletal joints and nerves with absolute precision. It’s painless, immediate, and eliminates the old-fashioned, “cracking” of manual chiropractic methods. The Sigma Adjuster method is FDA-cleared and used in more than 32 countries. The treatment time is less than 10 minutes. It benefits the patient by firing up neural pathways, breaking up adhesions and fixations, resetting muscle spindle fibers, and breaking pain cycles. At our location we offer gentle chiropractic care that includes:

Sigma Technology Spinal Assessment and “Crack Free” Adjustments

Spinal & Joint Manipulation and Muscle Rehabilitation
Related to low back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, neck pain, deg. disc disease, tennis elbow, neck pain, muscle strain, joint sprain, knee pain ,wrist pain, rotator cuff syndrome, and general tendonitis

Spinal Decompression

Traditional Manual Adjustments